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Genuine Lonchamp scarves, silk women scarves with signature Longchamp Paris prints. Longchamp scarves are made in Italy using the best twill silks from Italian silk printers. Shop Longchamp scarves at outlet prices.


The Longchamp silk scarf (also called 'foulard') plays a major role in Longchamp women collections. One of the brand’s emblematic accessories, it adorns the Longchamp woman with elegance and femininity. The silk scarf is available in 90, 70, or 50 cm sizes and. Delicate and feminine, also colorful, graphic, radiant, or distinctive, inviting you to tell a story through its prints. Classic: Its timeless character makes it a fashionable accessory that can be worn all year round to brighten up an outfit with a refined or trendy allure.

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The Longchamp silk scarf is made in Italy. Check out the popular "Amulet", "Weekend a Paris", "Promenade a Paris" and "Massai Collier" designs! 

Women Collection - Longchamp Paris Scarves

Longchamp designs: Paniers d'Art


Longchamp designs: Amulets

 Longchamp Paris

 Longchamp Scarf

2018/ 2019 Collection - Longchamp Paris Scarves

Pictures of twill silk Longchamp scarves, 2018 collection, inspired by Maasai ethnic group art for Kenia. 



Longchamp Paris Scarves - Silk Foulard

Pictures of twill silk Longchamp scarves, 2018 collection, inspired by Paris, France. One of the best sellers is the "PROMENADE A PARIS" design.


Longchamp Silk Scarf Green Floral Designs 

Genuine Lonchamp scarves Coral

Longchamp Silk Scarf Pink Coral Designs 


Genuine Lonchamp scarves

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Longchamp Paris designs:

Longchamp designs: Paniers d'Art, Amulets

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