Hermes Scarves

Hermes scarves might be considered one of the top silk designer scarves in the world. Hermes scarves are mostly available on a printed twill silk, a large 90x90cm/ 36x36" square twill silk foulard and 140cm x140cm / 55" x 55" extra large chiffon silk shawls. Hermes designs are often seen for decades, sometimes available in different color schemes.

 Hermes Hermes Paris

Hermes Hermes Hermes Paris

Many popular Hermes design are hard to find, especially brand new, in chiffon and/ or twill silk. The Hermes scarf with the 'Bouclerie D'Attelage', by Francoise de La Perriere is still a bestseller, so is the chiffon silk Hermes scarf 'Les Flots Du Cheval' and the chiffon silk scarf of the women collection: Hermes scarf 'Ceintures et Liens Sable' as seen in many Hermes scarves catalogues.

Shop the popular Hermès scarf designs: 
Quintessence | Festival des Amazones | Cirque Molier | Bouclerie D'Attelage

Hermes Scarves - New Designs

New Hermes scarves just arrived, large chiffon silk Hermes wraps. Hermes "chiffon silk" shawls is in French"mousseline de soie". Shop for Hermes scarves online.

Hermes Scarf Festival Des Amazones  Hermes

Hermes Hermes Paris

Hermes Scarf Ceintures et Liens  Hermes New

Hermes designs:

Other collectable Hermes scarf designs:

Under The Waves, Festival Des Amazones, (by Henri d'Origny), Bouclerie D'Attelage, by Francoise de La Perriere,  Axis Mundi, Ceintures et Liens Sable.


Hermes Scarves Vintage | Hermes Scarf Pictures | Hermes Scarves History

Let's share these wonderful Hermes prints of the last 20 years.

Hermes Hermes BoxHermes ScarvesHermes Scarf New

Hermes scarves are made in Italy, and come with the original orange Hermes gift box. Hermes scarves catalogue, luxury vintage Hermes Paris women collection online.

Some famous Hermes designs are:

  • Ex-Libris au Carreaux
  • Brides De Gala
  • Bolduc au Carre 
  • Balade en Berline
  • Collections Imperiales
  • Hippopolis
  • Zenobie, Reine de Palmyre


Hermes Paris

Genuine Hermes Paris Scarf 

Hermes Twill silk Foulard

Hermes Scarf - Twill Silk Square Scarf In Gift Box 90x90cm - 2014

Hermes 2014 Silk Scarf
Hermes Scarf - Twill Silk Square Scarf 90x90cm - 2014


Hermes Scarf, Floral Design, 2014 Collection


Genuine Hermes
Hermes Paris Silk Scarf, Women Collection.


Hermes Paris Scarf

Hermes Scarves Vintage | Hermes Scarf Pictures | Hermes Scarves History

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