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Genuine Gucci women collection twill silk scarves.

New Gucci designs:

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Gucci scarves are known for its classic signature designs, luxurious look and feel. Gucci uses the top quality wools and cashmere for their winter collection scarves, available in many different signature red/ green striped designs and GG pattern designs in several colors. Gucci wool/cashmere scarves run at $275 - $550 for most styles (45 x 180cm up to 70 x 200cm designs). Some 140x140cm (55x55") extra large squares run at $495 - $675 price point.

The new Gucci collection features the Bengal tiger with GG pattern print, with a 3D look to it, available in extra soft modal/ silk blend fabrics, makes a great wrap at the large square size of 55".

Gucci Women  Gucci Women 2017 Tiger


Gucci New Designs - Twill Silk Scarves

Discounted Gucci scarves in medium and large square designs, hand rolled borders, made in Italy. The Gucci designs include novelty ball/ parasol and playful sailboat design in purple, blue and olive green. Gucci Scarves: Save Up To 50% Off.

Gucci Scarf Collection

Gucci Silk Scarf


Shop silk square Gucci scarves at 45% off.


Gucci Scarves 2016 Collection

Pictures of genuine Gucci women scarves, 2016 collection.

Gucci 2016 Scarf

Gucci 2016

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The original Gucci scarves are made in Italy and hand hand rolled borders/ hand stitch edges.

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