Givenchy Scarves and Shawls Sale

Is Givenchy a luxury brand?

Givenchy is definitely a luxury brand. Originated in France, this luxury fashion and perfume house is known for its haute couture accessories and clothing. Nowadays Givenchy is owned by luxury conglomerate LVMH.

ComoMilano carries a rare collection of silk and cashmere women scarves by Givenchy women, made in Italy. WE also carry a selection of hard to find 4G logo silk scarves. Shop twill silk Givenchy scarves.

Givenchy Scarves 2024 Collection

Givenchy Scarf Acid Lime 4G Design - Twill Silk Shawl Givenchy


Givenchy Small Scarf - Sale Cotton Square Scarf 

Our new collection includes authentic, genuine Givenchy silk scarves with its popular 4G design, which is Givenchy's logo, in many stylish colors. Givenchy's logo consists of four uppercase ‘Gs’ coming together to form a symmetrical square pattern with the brand’s name written underneath. The design strikes a balance between minimalistic and bold, immediately grasping the onlooker’s attention. Today, this logo is synonymous with unmatched quality and elegant luxury, representing a name known to everyone worldwide. ComoMilano offers a beautiful selection of the Givenchy logo scarves in stunning colors like pink and orange.

Our Givenchy collection also includes a rare selection of some versatile small cotton Givenchy scarves, that make a great accessory for your wrist/hand bag or small neck scarf. 

Givenchy Scarves

Shop the best signature designs and genuine floral prints from the latest Givenchy collection of women designer scarves. Twill silk foulards, hand-stitched borders, these Givenchy scarves are luxurious and timeless and the best gift for a women whom appreciates Italian fashion.

 Givenchy Fall/ Winter Collection

Givenchy Wool Scarf

Shop authentic Givenchy accessories and scarves from its women's collection here. Several of our new Givenchy designs include florals, logo designs and tattoo prints on twill silk with hand stitched borders. Shop twill silk Givenchy scarves.Givenchy

Discounted Givenchy Women Collection

 Scarf Prink Red

We also carry genuine Givenchy silk scarves, wool/ cashmere wraps and accessories at highly discounted outlet prices. Givenchy scarves are available in 70x200 cm chiffon silk, 90x90 cm twill silk scarves and 140x140 extra large wool/silk, charmeuse silk and cashmere blends.

Latest Givenchy scarves, women collection


 Givenchy scarves Givenchy scarves women


 Givenchy Online

Find the perfect addition to your wardrobe with our latest selection of Givenchy silk scarves and some lightweight cashmere shawls. From floral prints to signature designs, these silk accessories will definitely make a statement. Luxury women designer fashion, made in Italy.

Or shop our last season luxury Givenchy scarves online at 55% -65% off retail prices. We carry the the best selection and prices on genuine Givenchy scarves.



Genuine Givenchy scarves are available online. Also shop the further reduced twill silk head scarves at 35% - 65% discounted prices.

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