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Christian Lacroix


Lacroix ScarvesChristian Lacroix is a French designer whom started his own brand in the 80's after working for Hermes and several other fashion designers. Christian Lacroix scarves are colorful and original. The pink, red, chartreuse layers of silk, linen, cotton fabrics result in a stunning accessory for the fashion-forward women. 

Sometimes stated as "Christian Lacroix designs clothes that are glamorous, expensive-looking, and dramatic." Christian Lacroix square silk scarves are available in twill silk 35 x 35" and 27" x 27" squares. Many designs are Spanish inspired, (think: bulls and fiestas).

Italian Silk
Some classic designs feature element from different cities worldwide. Christian Lacroix scarves are hand rolled (borders) in Italy, using Italian twill silk prints.

Lacroix Lacroix Scarves



Christian Lacroix Fashion World Famous

Celebrity Clients: Catherine Zeta-Jones, Ivana Trump, Uma Thurman


Christian Lacroix scarves are available in cotton -  floral designs, twill silk, and silk/linen blends. View the collection of silk women Christian Lacroix scarves (Scarf Outlet). Christian Lacroix also has been the design director for Emilio Pucci. View new arrivals of all brand name scarves.

New designs added: Christian Lacroix scarves:

Lacroix Scarf Christian Lacroix


елковые шарфы для женщин . 女性のためのシルクスカーフ . silke tørklæder for kvinder . zijde sjaals voor vrouwen 

foulards de soie pour les femmes . foulard di seta per le donne . pañuelos de seda para las mujeres . Seidentücher für Frauen


Christian Lacroix designs of 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014:

Christian Lacroix Scarf Silk Christian Lacroix Scarf Silk TOROS


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