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Emilio Pucci

Emilio Pucci is a famous Italian fashion brand known for its' colorful geometric prints and kaleidoscope design prints. Emilio Pucci women's collection features colorful women's dresses and twill silk scarves. Emilio Pucci scarves might be hard to find since Nordstrom does not offer Emilio Pucci scarves anymore (discontinued) (full price). Shop for at least 45% off discount Emilio Pucci scarves, brand new, directly imported from Italy.

Pucci Pucci Foulard Pucci Scarf 2021

Genuine Pucci Scarves Silk Scarf Genuine Pucci Scarves New
Twill silk Pucci scarves, 2021/ 2022 collection designer scarves.


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Emilio Pucci Foulard

Twill silk 36" / 90cm square scarves, 2020/ 2021 collection designs:

Pucci Women Scarf Pucci Women Scarf New Emilio Pucci Women Scarf


Emilio Pucci Shawls

Chiffon silk Emilio Pucci shawls, signature designs, including some twill silk shawl prints, the best quality out there, made in Italy:


Emilio Pucci Scarf Red  Pucci    



Emilio Pucci Designs

Emilio Pucci Foulard 90 x 90cm/ 36 x 36" square scarf:

  New Pucci Scarf Women Collection


More twill silk 36" - 90cm square foulards, by Emilio Pucci:


Pucci 2020  

 Pucci   Pucci

Emilio Pucci Scarf - New Designs

Twill silk square foulards, hand rolled borders, Emilio Pucci women collection. The ultimate luxury, stunning prints, highest quality twill silk, great women accessory for years to come.


 Emilio Pucci 


Pucci  Emilio Pucci New Emilio Pucci


Emilio Pucci Scarves

Genuine signature Emilio Pucci designs, accessories and scarf collection.


 Pucci Scarf


 Emilio Pucci Emilio Pucci


Pucci Emilio Pucci carf Emilio Pucci Women


Luxury Scarf - Foulard - Shawl

The term foulard, scarf or shawl seems to be used inconsistently. The term scarf is used often, foulard is the Italian term for square scarf (90x90cm), shawl is more liberal used, often for chiffon silk, and wool blend 70 x200cm scarves.

 Lilac Scarf


Signature Emilio Pucci designer scarves from previous seasons:



Pucci Emilio Pucci


Pucci  Women 

Pictures of Emilio Pucci scarves, women collection, made in Italy.

Stunning chiffon silk print with signature Emilio Pucci swirls and squares, butterflies and floral designs. Shop Emilio Pucci Sale.


Twill silk and chiffon silk Emilio Pucci scarves.


Twill silk and chiffon silk Pucci scarves designs/ Pucci pictures. Emilio Pucci women collection.

Cotton silk pucci Pucci

Emilio Pucci Online Foulard

Pucci Emilio Pucci

Emilio Pucci Scarf Chiffon Silk And Twill Silk Square Foulard: Shop Emilio Pucci Online

 New Pucci


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Emilio Pucci Scarf Details

All Emelio Pucci scarves are made in Italy. The twill silk square Emilio Pucci scarf are almost always 70x70cm or 90x90cm twill silk squares, the borders are hand rolled, often in a different color as the main design. Emilio Pucci scarves have a Emilio Pucci fabric tag attached with the Emilio Pucci brand name and a tag for the fabric content and "made in Italy" message.

Details Pucci Details Pucci Scarf Pucci


The most popular size for Emilio Pucci scarves is the 90x90cm / 36x36" twill silk square (large). Also smaller square scarves are available and 45x180cm oblong scarves at 40% - 60% off retail.

Emilio Pucci Scarves


Pucci Scarves

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There are several Pucci boutiques in the USA: 

Beverly Hills, South Coast Plaza, New York City, Las Vegas, Dallas, Bal Harbour, Palm Beach, Boston, East Hampton and New York.


Emilio Pucci Designs 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2105, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019

Silk women designer scarves, twill silk, made in Italy, Emilio Pucci women collection.

Emilio Pucci scarves  Emilio Pucci scarf chartreuse gray Emilio Pucci

Pucci Scarves Red Fuchsia Pucci Scarves


Emilio Pucci Archive

Emilio Pucci Scarves 2011/ 2012 Collection, Twill Silk Foulards.

Pucci 2012 Pucci Scarf


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