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Versace, the famous Italian fashion label founded by Gianni Versace in 1978. ComoMilano imports genuine Versace scarves since 2005 directly from Italy. Authentic Versace silk scarves and Versace silk men neckties. Twill silk large square classic design Versace scarves and chiffon silk Versace scarves with signature Medusa, baroque and other prints. Colorful Versace scarf for women, made in Italy.

Versace  New Scarf Versace Women

Scarf Silk Scarf New

New Versace silk scarf designs

Versace Silk Scarf 

Versace Tropical With Old Timer Cars and Medusa


Versace Silk Scarf New Hong Kong Versace

 Versace Hong Kong Design


More Versace scarf designs:


Versace Silk Scarves, Women Collection

Pictures of Versace designs, 90x90cm / 36x36" square twill silk scarves. More Versace designs of the women collection added.

  Versace Women


Versace Scarves  



Versace Wool Scarves, Women Collection

Pictures of genuine wool Versace scarves, made in Italy:

Versace Wool Scarf Versace Wool Scarf Red 

Wool Scarf 


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Versace Versace Scarves

Versace Versace Design Versace

Versace Scarf Versace Scarf Versace Scarf butterfly


Versace Scarf New Versace Scarf Medusa Versace Scarf Foulard

Twill silk square Versace Scarf Pictures

Versace Silk Scarf


Cashmere Blend Versace Wrap Pictures



Versace Silk Scarf 

Versace Silk Scarf New

Versace Silk Scarf Gold New Versace Silk Scarf

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New Designs: Versace

New Versace scarves added, twill silk square Versace scarves:

Twill Silk Square Versace Scarves

Versace Versace Square Foulard
Gold Versace Print
Other Versace scarves, available earlier this year. Twill silk designs: Versace Foulards 50% Off


All silk square Versace scarves are 90cm x 90cm, the regular large square size for women designer foulards. The Versace scarf has hand rolled borders.
New designs at discount prices: Versace wool scarves available in tonal brown, black, gray and cream designs. Versace signature "Versace" text logo and Medusa prints.
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Chiffon Silk Versace Shawls

Versace Chiffon Silk Scarf Versace Chiffon Silk Scarf Versace Chiffon Silk
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Wool Versace Scarves: Versace wool scarves 60% off


Versace Scarves Outlet

ComoMilano buys overstock and canceled orders at a fraction of the price. Both soft wool unisex Versace scarves and twill silk women scarves are available.


Versace Square Scarves | Versace Oblong Scarves 


View the latest collection of silk Versace scarves for women in the online store, at outlet prices. Versace scarves are available in 90x90cm square scarves in several colors with typical gold  florals and logo designs, Versace Women Collection. View new arrivals of all brand name scarves.

100% authentic . first quality . imported from italy . 100% first quality . scarves and neckties

foulards de soie pour les femmes . foulard di seta per le donne . pañuelos de seda para las mujeres . Seidentücher für Frauen

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