February 25, 2024 1 min read

Colorful designs, "made in Italy" quality, genuine discounted Missoni scarves and shawls. New small square twill silk Missoni scarves have been added, also some signature herringbone design wool blend shawls. Having a shawl with the fabric content of wool and acrylic generally means a cheaper production and not preferred, as used by some brands special production designer shawls for outlet stores. The Missoni shawl needs the acrylic as the weave is so complex, and it needs the strength. The Missoni wool/ acrylic scarves have a nice touch to it (pretty soft).

Shop the new designs Missoni scarves. Save 40% - 70% off. Original Missoni gift boxes available.

Missoni Scarves Herringbone Design Scarves Missoni

Shop all wool (blend) designer shawls and wraps, women collection.

Also view the rare change for a huge deal on a Off-White scarf.


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