August 02, 2020 1 min read

Italy is known for their high quality silk production for decades, hence almost all top brand names manufacture their twill silk and chiffon silk scarves there. As only a handful factories manufacture all of the top 30 - 40 designer brands, there are many similarity in the quality, size and finish of the scarves. Brand like Guess, DKNY and Moschino are available under $100.


Women Designer Scarves < $100

The good news is that many less known brands and some less expensive brands, also get manufactured in these high quality factories. In some cases, the factory find some 'vintage' scarves, from a decade plus ago, in the 'corner' of the factory and likes to move the merchandise at a very interesting price.

Century21 had many scarves at great prices too. As Century21 is not in business anymore, get your Italian scarf deal here:

Shop Moschino Scarves < $100

We just added some Moschino, Marina Rinaldi, Guess, Vivienne Glamour and more brands, which are available at a discount price under $100:

Shop Designer Scarves < $100

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