KenzoKenzo scarves at 35% - 65% off. Kenzo oblong shawls and Kenzo square silk scarves. Silk women scarves made in Italy, SALE. Very colorful and unique designs, all authentic merchandise. Kenzo chiffon silk shawls and jacquard silk square scarves. View all silk brand name scarves | wool/ cashmere designer scarves.

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Kenzo Wool Scarf Black Red Maroon Plaid SALE

$295.00 SALE $109.97

Kenzo Wool Scarf Gray Black Red Plaid

$295.00 SALE $145.00

Kenzo Silk Square Scarf 40 Ans Cream SALE

Sold Out!

Kenzo Wool Scarf Red Green Plaid

$295.00 SALE $160.00

Kenzo Linen Long Scarf Aqua Lime Olive Sky Blue SALE

Sold Out!

Kenzo Silk Long Scarf Multi-color SALE

$330.00 SALE $99.97

Kenzo Silk Square Women Scarf 40 Ans Red

Sold Out!

Kenzo Silk Long Scarf Pink Sky Blue

$375.00 SALE $170.00

Kenzo Silk Necktie Navy-Blue Floral

$145.00 SALE $99.00