Christian Dior

Authentic Christian Dior scarves 40% - 70% off. Genuine wool, silk and wool blend shawls and scarves for women. Discount original Dior shawls, striped wool Dior scarves, made in Italy. Silk square Dior foulards. All Dior Merchandise is 100% authentic and first quality.

Silk Dior Scarves | Wool/ Cashmere Dior Scarves

Dior Wool Scarf CD Logo Brown Black

$245.00 SALE $110.00

Dior Silk Scarf Black Stripe Extra Long SALE

$575.00 SALE $149.97

Dior Silk Scarf Gray Black FINAL SALE

$395.00 SALE $77.77

Christian Dior Silk Square Scarf Dust Pink Orange

Sold Out!

Christian Dior Silk Square Scarf Cygne a la Rose

$270.00 SALE $155.00

Dior Silk Square Scarf Blue Hat Design

$275.00 SALE $165.00

Christian Dior Silk Square Scarf Swan Rose Design

Sold Out!

Christian Dior Wool Silk Cashmere Brown Cream Scarf SALE

$275.00 SALE $99.97

Christian Dior Wool Scarf FINAL SALE

$275.00 SALE $77.77