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Hermes Scarf Couvertures et Tenues Silk Square Scarf SALE

SALE - What a classic, hard to find, brand new: Genuine vintage Hermes scarf, signature twill silk, "Couvertures et Tenues" design, brown large square scarf, twill silk made in France. Discount Hermes scarves, women collection. More square silk foulards.

  • Colors: Brown
  • Fabrics: 100% Twill Silk
  • Made in France / Hand Rolled Borders
  • Large Square : 36" x 36" / 90cm x 90cm
  • Original Fancy Hermes Gift Box 
  • Brand: Hermes Paris
  • Authentic/ 100% New/ Vintage
  • Prod. Code: herm-sc161240

The "Hermès Couvertures et Tenues" was designed originally by Jacques Eudel in 1962. This version is a later reissue (Hermès reissues many designs for decades).

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