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Italian Scarves Explanation

Italian brand name women scarves come in different sizes, fabrics and designs. Many brand use however similar sizing for their shawls, scarves and wraps.


Women Italian scarves sizing:

Square Scarves Sizing

  • Small Square: 50 x 50 cm / 20 x 20"
    Large handkerchief size, great for accessorizing your purse or handbag
  • Medium Square: 70 x 70cm
  • Large Square: 90 x 90cm
  • Extra Large: 140 x140cm

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Oblong Scarves/ Shawls Sizing

  • Slim: 25 x 180cm
  • Regular: 45 x 180cm
  • Large Wrap Size: 70 x 200cm
    Often used for lightweight chiffon silk shawls.
  • Extra Large: Any other size above 70 x 200cm

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