Scarf Sizes

Most Italian scarf manufacturers use pretty similar sizing for their shawls, scarves, and wraps. View the scarf sizing in more detail:


Extra Small Square Scarf

Extra Small Square Scarf = Handkerchief = Twilly

Can de used as accessory on handbag/ purse or as bracelet.

50cm x 50 cm = 20" x 20"


Small Square Scarf

Small Square Scarf = Accessory For Handbag

Would fit with tiny knot around neck.

60cm x 60cm = 23" x 23"


Medium Square Scarf

Medium Square Scarf = Neck Scarf

Fits around neck, not around head (head scarf).

70cm x 70 cm = 27" x 27"


Large Square Scarf

Large Square Scarf = Neck Scarf

Fits around neck and around head (head scarf).

90cm x 90cm = 36" x 36"


Extra Large Square Scarf

Extra Large Square Scarf =  Wrap

Large wrap.

140cm x 140cm = 55" x 55"


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Standard Size Shawl

Shawl, often chiffon silk, modal/ silk, cashmere/ silk and wool/ silk blends.

Wraps around neck.

70cm x 180cm = 27" x 71"

70cm x 200cm = 27" x 79"


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