Loewe Madrid Scarf Collection

Loewe, Madrid, luxury accessories since 1846.

Loewe silk women scarves are made in Italy. Intriguing design influenced often by the Spanish culture and environment. Butterflies for example are often used in their signature prints. The anagram allover (logo) design is available in many colors.

Scarf Silk scarf Silk Foulard

Loewe Scarves 2020/ 2021 Designs

 Loewe Donna Loewe

  Loewe Madrid



Loewe Scarves 2019/ 2020 Designs

Twill silk and cashmere silk wraps and scarves. Pictures of luxury cashmere/wool/silk Loewe wraps:

Loewe  Loewe Manton de Manila

Loewe 2018/ 2019 Designs

Loewe  Anagram


More Loewe scarf designs, twill silk foulards and cashmere silk scarves.

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Loewe Scarf Skull

Loewe's handbag/ purse collection was received very well. Celebrities like Jessica Alba and Siena Miller you might see wearing Loewe. Women brand name scarves. Loewe, Madrid since 1846.


Archive: Loewe Scarves

Loewe scarves, twill silk foulard prints. Loewe pictures from previous seasons. Many Loewe scarves have the anagram design or floral prints.



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Loewe Scarf Genuine Loewe Genuine Loewe Orange Foulard

Original Loewe designs, twill silk scarves:

Loewe Loewe

Loewe Scarf

Loewe floral Floral Print


Foulard mariposas:

Loewe took "Butterflies" as the inspiration for this signature scarf. Spain is one of the countries in Europe with the highest population of butterflies, with over 230 different species with exotic colors and shapes. Butterflies have also had a presence in Spanish culture for centuries (from Velázquez to Modernism), represented hundreds of times in paintings, sculptures and other art forms.

Loewe's Creative Director: Stuart Vevers. Born in England, Vevers has worked for Mulberry, Givenchy and Bottega Veneta.

100% authentic . first quality . imported from italy . 100% authentic scarves 
Шелковые шарфы для женщин . 女性のためのシルクスカーフ . silke tørklæder for kvinder . zijde sjaals voor vrouwen . foulards de soie pour les femmes . foulard di seta per le donne . pañuelos de seda para las mujeres . Seidentücher für Frauen 

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