Ways To Wear Your Scarf

November 09, 2017 1 min read

A square twill silk designer scarf can be worn several ways. The extra large (last few seasons popular) with 55" square of silk or cashmere blend gives you a good amount of options. The medium size and smaller square scarves (23" - 27" squares) have limited options as these sizes just make it around your neck. The smallest scarf (23" square) is also used often as purse/ handbag accessory.


Twill Silk Square Scarves
90 x90cm / 36 x 36" Large Square Scarves


Criss Cross Bow Knot

The criss cross bow knot might need a couple of tries to get it right. A large scarf (min. 36" square) is needed. When done right the criss cross bow knot can be a very elegant options.  

Criss Cross Bow 

Criss Cross Bow

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