January 12, 2022 1 min read

Beautiful twill silk square Givenchy scarves. Shop the Givenchy logo prints, botanical florals and other signature designs at $125 off.

The classic 36" / 90cm square designs are a great addition to every luxury closet, providing a wonderful accessory for every day wear and/ or for a special event. The 36" size is also popular as a luxury head scarf but also can folded/ knotted several ways to create an elegant look.

New Givenchy

The popular 36x36" is the perfect size for a head scarf or around the neck.

Note: there is very limited Givenchy scarf availability out there (worldwide), shop while you can, limited quantities.

Luxury women designer scarves are currently in pretty high demand with relative low stocks. Also the availability of Givenchy silk women scarves is limited. I finally was able to import some popular styles directly from Italy!


Givenchy Scarves

Shop the twill silk 36" (90cm) square Givenchy scarves with 'Givenchy Paris' logo prints, interesting florals and stunning botanical designs. The genuine Givenchy women collection scarves & soft accessories are made in Italy.


Shop: Givenchy | New | Sale


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