August 13, 2019 1 min read

Stunning signature designs in many colors: Emilio Pucci scarves and wraps, women collection, made in Italy. More signature design added, mostly twill silk square scarves:


Emilio Pucci scarves are made in Italy. Most popular Emilio Pucci scarf sizing:
Large square scarf 90 x 90cm / 36 x 36cm also used as head scarf. 
Medium square scarf at 70 x 70cm / 27 x 27". The small 60cm square, in limited designs available, is used often as accessory for the purse/ hand bag or belt/ bracelet.

The shawl size is (as most Italian brands) 70 x 180cm / 27 x 71", with some exception at 200cm length. The last few seasons (many Italian brands) also feature the 140 x 140cm 55" square scarf, which would be called a wrap, enough silk to wrap around your neck twice.


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