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New styles added, wool/ silk GG designs and Gucci monogram logo designs in multiple colors. The lamé wool oversized GG designs is new, available with a sparkling finish. Pretty affordable are the wool Gucci logo designs in bordeaux and taupe. generally speaking, the popular Gucci GG design shawls do not come cheap! THe Gucci scarf collection is made in Italy.

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New designs added, discount Gucci GG pattern shawls and scarves, including 2023 women collection scarves the luxury women scarves are made in Italy.

Gucci Floral Stripe GG Gucci Gucci Design

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 GG Scarf Gucci

Which Gucci scarf design is most famous?

The GG designs is various sizes (mini/ regular/ oversized GG designs have been popular for over 3 decades.

The initials GG, of the Founder of the House, Guccio Gucci, alternate across this jacquard wool scarf. Presented in a contrasting color combination that alternates on the front and the back, the accessory is further accentuated by sparkling lamé.

The wool/ cashmere blend Gucci GG shawl has medium weight fabrics, this scarf will keep you warm and does not compromise looking stylish.

Gucci Cashmere Wool Shawl

Gucci Extra Large Scarves/ Wraps

Look for the extr alarge 55"/ 140cm square Gucci GG design shawl/ wrap, made of light-medium weight wool silk. The GG designs feature two shades, allowing for showing one side more or less. Shop Gucci wraps.

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