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Iconic checks and gabardine

Burberry is one of the most iconic British brands around and the inventor of gabardine and the trench coat. Burberry clothing of gabardine was worn by polar explorers, to illustrate the protective features of the fabric. And who doesn't know the iconic Burberry check, once used as lining to rain wear, but now often presented as a visible feature on Burberry fashion items.

Cashmere Burberry Scarves

Another iconic part of the Burberry brand are cashmere scarves; an integral part of Burberry’s heritage. Burberry cashmere is crafted in the the family-run Scottish mills, a partnership that started in 1900.

The Comomilano Burberry Collection

Comomilano carries a large selection of Burberry scarves and accessories. Our online Burberry scarf collection includes a limited amount of discounted, previous collection items and new collection Burberry scarves, including the monogram and giant plaid prints in silk and wool-silk blends. Some items from our women collection are available at a 40% discount.

New Burberry scarves, giant check and monogram designs, save 40% off. 

New Scarves


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About Comomilano

When shopping for Italian Design silk women scarves and accessories, ComoMilano is your obvious choice. We carry the best Italian Design silk scarves and a rare collection if Italian Design fashion items and accessories. All our items are directly imported from Italy and always Made in Italy. 

ComoMilano carries the largest online collection of the best Italian Design scarves in the World. All our hand-made scarves are authentic and made by designers like for example Hermes, Burberry, Pucci, Leonardo and Versace. We guarantee the best - and sometimes heavily discounted - prices for silk, wool, linen and cashmere designer scarves, shawls and accessories. 

Some of the Italian brands keep bringing back their wonderful designs with a twist,  often with the iconic elements that were used by these famous Italian designer houses decades ago.

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