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Agnona has been specializing in luxurious fabrics since 1957. Experimenting with very light cashmere fabrics, working also with alpaca blend and cashmere silk blend, for the finest scarves. Agnona sources the highest quality cashmere and uses their expertise to process the fabrics to make the best product possible (no expenses spared, hence the price of an Agnona scarf is around $1000). Probably the fanciest cashmere in the world.

 Agnona Scarf Agnona

When choosing the right scarf for you, the softness and thickness might be considered. As even the Agnona wool scarf is extremely soft, choosing wool, cashmere or sheer cashmere (very lightweight), the softness is always there. The most important decision is or you want a scarf to keep you warm, or you like to experience the very exclusive feeling having an extreme lightweight cashmere Agnona scarf around you neck. The very lightweight and delicate Agnona scarf/ wrap is very unique and the ultimate luxury, defined as sheer/ (very) lightweight. Choose a light/ medium weight scarf/ shawl to have both a warm and stylish scarf, the larger 80cmx200cm (or large wrap 140x 160cm) shawls have of course more fabric than the 70 x180cm shawls.

Agnona Cashmere Scar, Light Weight Sheer Fabrics

Conclusion: The sheer (very lightweight) cashmere Agnona scarf has the most luxurious fabric out there, however only would serve women whom appreciate delicate sheer fabrics.

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