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Leonard Paris

Leonard Paris

Leonard Paris
Leonard scarves . Wonderful colors, Interesting designs 

Leonard is inspired by amazing flowers and amazing colors. The following flowers coming back in several the designs over the last decade: Bacchus print, Bellini print, Beluga print, Baraka print in amazing shades of fuchsia, pink, lavender, lime, aqua blue.

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Шелковые шарфы для женщин . 女性のためのシルクスカーフ . silke tørklæder for kvinder .zijde sjaals voor vrouwen 
foulards de soie pour les femmes . foulard di seta per le donne . pañuelos de seda para las mujeres . Seidentücher für Frauen

As Daniel Tribouillard, president of Leonard Paris quoted:
Cut out a square of silk, a big square, a metre thirty by a metre thirty. On the silk, place an orchid, pose it. Draw it, paint it, recreate the precise graduation of colours, the blush on the bloom. 

There are over thirty shades in your work, requiring over thirty passes through the printing press. You can pose a wave in the same way, or a fish, whatever your dreams of the Far-East inspire.  The only condition is that it should be beautiful, that the composition holds. Nothing weak, nothing insipid; you are Leonard.



Except perhaps one thing, beside his lovely daughters, which gives me even greater pleasure: in the course of an evening, on the street, on the beach, to see Leonard silk worn elegantly by an attractive woman, to see the Leonard orchid, fuchsia, lavender, lemon, golds, mauves and greens alive in a subtle harmony of movement. Subtle and light, as life should be. As it is, with Leonard.


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